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Founder's message

“ Today, everything is about experiences. From travel to clothing to communication, companies are constantly innovating to give their customers the best experience. Most of us, while growing up, and even as adults, spend a lot of time, money, and effort pursuing creative skills. To get what it’s worth, shouldn’t this be an experience as well? "

In my mind, learning doesn’t end with a lesson. It is the entire experience of finding the right teacher, buying a musical instrument, developing the art itself, and above all staying motivated! Motivation comes mostly through sharing your art with others and finding the right opportunities to enhance, showcase, or monetize your skills.
As a parent wanting my kids to develop creative skills, I have struggled to keep them motivated. I have spent endless hours looking for the right opportunities to help them grow as artists. There was no simple way to find what I was looking for. In most cases, it was through reaching out to my social circle, which limited my view of what was out there.
As someone who loves music, I have always wanted to connect with artists from other genres to host events, work on projects, or just jam together. However, this has never been easy. Isn’t it funny how despite how well-connected people are, there isn’t a simple way to get to what we are looking for?
Vibrnz is a result of my personal challenges. My vision is to build an ecosystem where the creative community thrives as a result of easy access to resources, opportunities and connections that really matter.
Join me in this exciting journey!
Best wishes,
Mrinalini (Mini) Ayachit

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