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Mother Elephant

Title: Mother Elephant
Collection name: A Mixed Variety of Art
Artist name: Karthikk Voruganti
Size : 9" X 12"
Material : Colored pencils

Art Description
Elephant Picture is drawn using colored pencils showing the pain mother elephant going through due to the cruelty shown by some people, urging everyone to show "Love and Respect for All"

This painting was submitted for Clash of Tones 2020 contest. Karthikk got a great score and won a accolades and appreciation from the judges for depicting the tragedy in his artwork so beautifully.

Reference: A tragic incident in Kerela, India where a pregnant elephant chomped on the fire-cracker stuffed coconut accidentally which resulted in deep injuries inside its mouth, and ultimately led to her death.

Artist Summary
Karthikk Voruganti is 10 years old and loves to draw all kinds of art. He loves to try everything and working with every medium of art including pencil sketches, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting.

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