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Pichwai art for beginners with Shruti Salvan

This course includes
  • Introduction to pichwai painting
  • Motifs used in pichwai painting and how to draw them
  • Drawing of pichwai painting
  • Colouring of pichwai painting part-1
  • Colouring of pichwai painting part-2
  • Finishing of the painting
  • Practice sheets
  • 2 Previews

What will you learn?
  • What is pichwai painting?
  • Where it orignated from?
  • What motifs are used in pichwai painting?
  • How to draw pichwai motifs?
  • How to do pichwai on paper?
  • What colors are used?
  • What are the themes of pichwai painting?
  • Which deity is depicted in pichwai?
  • Painting from start to finish

Preview 1
Preview 2
Pichwai are large devotional Hindu painted pictures, normally on cloth, which portray Krishna. They are mainly made to hang in Hindu temples of the Pushtimarg devotional tradition, especially the Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara, Rajasthan, built around 1672. This course teaches the basics of Pichwai painting.

Supply list includes:

  • Paper
  • Brushes - sizes 01,2,3,5
  • Poster or Gouache Colors
  • Color Palette
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Ruler, Eraser
  • Compass
  • Pearle White Acrylic color
  • Mandala Art toll small size
  • Acrylic golden color
  • Rough cloth
  • Container for water

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Title Duration
Introduction 4 Mins
Lesson 1-Motifs 3 Mins
Lesson 2 - Draw the main painting 7 Mins
Lesson 3 - Coloring Part 1 9 Mins
Lesson 4 - Coloring Part 2 7 Mins
Lesson 5 - Finishing the painting 6 Mins

Dr. Shruti Salvan is a traditional and realistic artist working in Mughal Style in Miniature painting and Realistic Style in Oil Medium other than that I am doing Hyperrealism n Creative work also.

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