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Meenakari Painting for beginners with Kinnary Ukidave

This course includes
  • History and origin
  • Basic designs
  • Drawing the design
  • Tracing the design 
  • Coloring
  • Embellishments
  • 2 Preview videos
What will you learn?
  • History of the Art 
  • Priming the Canvas
  • How to draw the design
  • Outlining 
  • Coloring 
  • Detailing
  • Embedding Meenas 
Preview 2
Preview 1
 This course includes very easy Meenakari Painting on Canvas. Being beginner friendly, steps involved in making this art have been simplified.

Required Material:
  • Canvas Board
  • Yellow Carbon paper
  • Golden Outliner (Fevicryl)
  • Fabric Glue
  • Meenas (Kundans)
  • Pen
  • Cello tape
  • Measuring scale

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Title Duration
Introduction 2 Mins
Practice - Basic Patterns 3 Mins
Materials needed and Priming the Canvas 2 Mins
Drawing the design 10 Mins
Tracing the design 2 Mins
Coloring 7 Mins
Embellishments 2 Mins

"Knowledge is power only when it is shared" is what I believe and that's why I created this course on this popular art form in very simple steps.
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