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Gond Art for Beginners by Prangya R Mohanty

This collection includes
  • 4 guided lesson videos 
  • Introductory video explaining the Art form - origin and history
  • Video sharing supplies list
  • 2 Preview videos to give you a flavor of the class

What will you learn?
  • About the art form - origin and history
  • Patterns
  • Motifs (tree, peacock and fish)
  • One finished Art work

Preview 2 - Gond Art
Preview 1 - Gond Art
Gond Art is a tribal art form from India. This art form is practiced by one of the largest tribes in India and they are called Gond Tribal. In their paintings you will mostly find birds, animals, and all other nature related things.

Supplies needed:

  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Micron 05 Black Pen
  • 300 GSM watercolor paper (or you could use drawing sheet)

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Title Duration
Introduction 3 Mins
Lesson 1 - Patterns 8 Mins
Lesson 2 - Motifs (Tree, peacock and fish) 12 Mins
Lesson 3 - Finished Artwork 12 Mins

Prangya is an Indian folk artist from Maharashtra, India. She loves to make paintings of Indian folk art. Her audience will visualise the simple daily life story of human & the beauty of nature in her art work with vibrant yet balanced colors. Her paintings are not only limited to canvas or on paper but can be on fabric, wood and many more surface.
Know more about Prangya in this Heart 2 Heart conversation in which she shares her journey as an artist.
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