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Warli Art for Beginners with Sanchita Kundu

This course includes
  • History and origin of this Warli art
  • Basic shapes & borders.
  • Representation of human, animals and trees.
  • Different human postures and activities.
  • Easy and fun DIY using Warli art theme on waste materials.

What will you learn?
  • The history and origin of this Warli art. 
  • Authentic style of painting.
  • 30 types of Warli borders
  • Warli people’s different posture and daily life activities.
  • Warli style of animal, birds, hut and trees representation.
  • After this course they will be able to make small DIY projects based on Warli themes.

Preview 2
Preview 1
This is a beginner level course in Warli Art. After this course they will be able to make small DIY projects based on Warli themes.

Supplies needed:

  • Black/white chartpaper/drawing sheet.
  • White/black pen/pencil/marker.
  • Acrylic colors- One dark shed and one light shed(Preferably white)
  • Painting brushes- One 00 point brush, any flat brush.
  • A piece of sponge/sponge dabber.
  • 30 inch long cotton thread(2mm to 4mm thickness)
  • Varnish (suitable for acrylic painting)
  • One thick needle for piercing.

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Title Duration
Introduction - Origin and History 10 Mins
Lesson 1 - Shapes and Borders 10 Mins
Lesson 2 - Human figures and Border designs 13 Mins
Lesson 3 - Animals, Birds, Postures and more.... 14 Mins
Lesson 4 - DIY Project - A Wall Hanging 10 Mins

Sanchita Kundu is a software engineer from the profession and an artist by passion. She inherited her love for art from her father. Being born in a veteran family allowed her to relocate to remote areas and learn Indian unique art forms and tribal art from locals. It’s being 10 years since she rekindled her passion into a profession and teaching different types of art forms. Through Vibrnz, she features detailed courses to share the beauty and know-how of these generations-old art forms to pass this tradition to our next generation.