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Madhubani Art for Beginners with Anushree Dutta

This collection includes
  • Introductory video about the art form and different styles 
  • 10 guided lesson videos for sketching and coloring
  • Video explaining the material needed
  • 2 Preview videos to give you a flavor of the course
What will you learn?
  • All about the folk art form, it´s history and origin, different styles
  • Sketching the motifs free hand, tricks and tips
  • Authentic technique to sketch, tips on material to use
  • Create a complete painting in easy steps 

Preview 1
Preview 2
This course content is about Madhubani art or Mithila Painting. This is a perfect course exclusively designed for the beginners to understand the basics of this folk art form and learn the cultural nuances in the easiest way possible. The techniques shown in the demos are easy and the steps are elaborate to help you learn from the scratch.

This course will teach you the basics of how to make Madhubani art. Materials needed are:
  • Art journal to make notes, practice motifs etc. 
  • For a final painting you need thick paper around 300 gms as base 
  • To sketch – a calligraphy nib (thin point) in holder (or a black waterproof pens (0.5mm) as an alternative in case nib is not available)
  • Black drawing ink 
  • Acrylic paint (red, blue, orange and purple)
  • Thin round brushes (size 00, 0, 2)
  • Painting palette 
  • Water to mix colors
  • A clean cloth or tissues to wipe extra paint or water, 
  • Pencil, scale, and eraser

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Title Duration
Introduction 1 Mins
Lesson 1 - Material 2 Mins
Lesson 2 - Borders 10 Mins
Lesson 3 - Flora and Fauna 19 Mins
Lesson 4 - Fishes 14 Mins
Lesson 5 - Faces 8 Mins
Lesson 6 - Sketching Part 1 7 Mins
Lesson 7 - Sketching Part 2 8 Mins
Lesson 8 - Sketching Part 3 10 Mins
Lesson 9 - Filling Colors Part 1 5 Mins
Lesson 10 - Filling Colors Part 2 8 Mins

Anushree Dutta is a designer and a passionate folk artist based in Munich, Germany. She hails from Bhagalpur which is a small town in Bihar, and that could be one of the reasons of her expertise in the cultural nuances and values that can be seen in folk arts Mithila or Madhubani Art. Her passion for the folk art can be noticed in her many vibrant creations, and she chooses to stick to the authenticity and rawness in creating her artworks.
Know more about Anushree in this Heart 2 Heart conversation in which she shares her journey as an artist.
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