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The creation and importance of a strong marketing strategy

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There are many aspects to event management to keep track of. One of them is your marketing strategy. Before one can increase their ticket sales, or develop ways to engage your audience, a strong marketing strategy will determine how successful your overall event will ultimately be. 
When marketing your event, it’s important to note the several different strategies you could employ. One such strategy is reaching your target demographic. Based on research, a good method of doing so is Niche Marketing, essentially zeroing in on a particular demographic, and separating yourself from your competitors. When your event features a certain attraction, like networking or mentoring, appealing to those who need help with networking would be more likely to attend. 
Given the times, social media provides a useful way to market yourself. By utilizing social media, you gain increased attraction and credibility when your event is circulated on multiple platforms. Given the prevalence of social media use today, you increase the chance of exposure to your company’s brand and your events. Moreover, with a strong online presence, more individuals will likely become interested and come to learn about you, which you can use to advertise future events.  
Social media is a strong way to highlight your brand. Another useful way to arouse interest is enticing consumers to come to you, instead of you going directly to them. This is done through Inbound Marketing. By giving people what they need and letting them find you, this helps establish trust, which means by using an inbound style when marketing your event, more people may be willing to attend.
Apart from social media, another method to market yourself is through giveaways. Through events for my college newspaper, we used this method to encourage people to sign up. To everyone who visited the booth, we handed out a copy of the paper, and in turn, several people signed up to join the paper. This way, you keep yourself in people’s minds afterwards. As such, it’s a method that could prove useful in your marketing efforts.
Moreover, what’s interesting is that all of these can lead into word of mouth marketing. If people find you online, or come home with a free takeaway from an event, all of these can leave people with positive things to say about you to their friends. The more positive information people have about you, the more you can use it to advertise your events. 
 An important aspect regarding marketing strategy, and by extension, event marketing, is how many avenues they can take. Each different strategy comes with its own set of advantages. By understanding both what said strategies are, and how each one can apply to marketing your event, you build your attendance roster, and interest in your group or organization. 

Thank you.

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The creation and importance of a strong marketing strategy by Nicolas Rontanini
An effective marketing strategy can make a huge difference in the success or failure of any initiative whether you are running a business, fundraising or organizing an event. Check out what Nicolas's thoughts on this.
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