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dr. shruti salvan

Painting, Art

t s i t r a
I am a traditional and realistic artist with a Ph.D. in fine arts, working in Mughal style Miniature paintings, Indian folk art, Hyperrealism, and creative work in the oil medium. My work showcases the essence of delicacy and royalty of Indian tradition and depicts its royal and aristocratic nature through colors. My artwork recreates the stories of Indian tradition, love, moments of history, and liveliness of the ancient era.
y r a m m u s
Traditional Artist working in Mughal Style in Miniature painting and Realistic and Hyperrealism in oil Medium .Creative work ,Abstract art, Indian traditional arts, Water Colour, Tanjore art , Knife work,Acrylic , pencil art, Charcoal ,Mandala art, Kalamkari , Gond art etc. PhD. In Fine Arts , serving as àsst. Professor in ìndian University and a professional artist participated in national and international exhibitions.
SPECIALIST IN – Oil painting , Miniature Painting ,Water Colour, Pencil work, Charcoal, Steadlers, Acrylics painting, Dry pastel , Oil Pastel,Tanjore painting, Meenakari painting,Gond art, Worly art,Kalamkari painting ,Madhubani painting,Stipling work, 3d Art, Murals, Creative painting,Still Life, Portrait,KeralaArt, Persian Art ,Great art work.
s l l i k s
s o e d i v


English ,Hindi

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