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ramneek singh

Indian classical vocal
Toronto, ON

t s i t r a
Ramneek Singh is an accomplished vocal artist with decades of strict vocal training. She has a Visharad (degree) from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeeth, and prides herself in being a purist from the Indore Gharana, a distinctively meditative and serene style of Khayal presentation, as institututed by Ustad Amir Khan. Ramneek has given numerous performances in India and North America, and teaches advanced Vocal Hindustani Music.
y r a m m u s
Indian classical vocal
Ramneek’s deep soulful voice and years of talim & riyaz, combined with an attractive style of presentation won her many an acclaim. Her speciality is in the presentation of Vilambit Khayal with utmost imagination and slow progression of swar elaboration, typical of the Amir Khani style. Ramneek has a unique style of rendering Shabad-Kirtan in the classical style. She equally enjoys performing in semi-classical styles like thumris and horis with ease and excellence.
s l l i k s

The Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeeth, New Delhi
Bachelors in Vocal Music (Visharad)



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