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hidayat khan

New York, NY

t s i t r a
Hidayat Khan is a direct descendant and proponent of one of the most treasured lineages of eastern classical music. Son of the legendary Ustad Vilayat Khan, globally acclaimed as the greatest of all sitarists. The London Times aptly describes Hidayat as "the tradition carries on impeccably." He was fortunate to perform at The Black Ball Charity in NYC with Alicia Keys and collaborated with such illustrious musical names as Ndugu Chancler, Ronnie Woods, Usher, Zakir Hussain and many others.
y r a m m u s
“A daring dedicated performer. His fans fondly say he plays the sitar through strings that sing” an apt description by Vibe for the sitarist/ vocalist Hidayat Husain Khan. Rolling Stones praises him and his music as “Jazzing up the sitar. Khan adds new shades to the music with his mastery.” He has been described, as “born to play” by Montreal Times. “Charismatic, charming and fun, Hidayat Khan plays with the audience” by Off Beat. His music has been praised by Le Mond De as “Divinity” and “His music was transporting, piercing the soul till the last drops of emotions were flowing through the body.” By Khaleej Times. He is one of the rare sitarist who adds a soulful voice to his performance which Music-Online captured it well in “Dazzling bursts of amazing taans followed by mesmerizing vocals”
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Awards and Achievements

Rolling Stones Press Coverage

Drive East Festival of Indian Music
New York Music Daily
A Haunting, Riveting Opening Night at This Year’s Drive East Festival of Indian Music

Seven Generations of Sitar

Ustad Hidayat Khan pays tribute to father http://www.millenniumpost.in/features/ustad-hidayat-khan-pays-tribute-to-father-369890




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