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Raga Bhoopali by Arushi Patel. Accompanied on Tabla by Prerak Patel.

Program Menu
  1. A short avchar alaap 
  2. A medium tempo ‘gat’, a composition in jhaptaal (a cycle of 10 beats)
  3. A fast tempo ‘gat’, a composition in Teentaal (a cycle of 16 beats).
  4. Jhala 

Explanation and Performance details

Raga Bhoopali, is a pentatonic indian classical raga that uses 5 notes (S R G P D) in ascending and descending scale. It is born from the family of Kaylan thaat. It is often said after hearing raga bhoopali,  "its notes seem to linger in the air long after the music has stopped". Bhoopali, also known as Bhoop, Bhopali or Bhupali, is a Hindustani classical raga.  
Most of the compositions in this raga are based on bhakti rasa (devotion) and shringar rasa (beauty). This raga is popular as Raga Mohan in Carnatic  Music. It is a Poorvang Pradhan Raag and is mostly sung in Madhya (middle) and Mandra(lower) octaves. It creates a deep and soothing atmosphere.

What is a Raga?
Raga, is a noun derived from the sanskrit root ranj, meaning to color red, to delight. Red is the color of passion, hence raga implies the emotional content of a song which delights the listener. Raagas, the melodies of Indian classical music, are tone series or scales with specific resting notes, ornaments and characteristic phrases. Each raga has an expressive character and manifests a range of emotions during a performance.

What is an Alaap?
Alaap, is an exploration of the raag played without the tabla. Slow alaap explores the notes and phrases of the raag in slow flowing pace, expressing and unfolding it in steps and moving gradually up the scale until the entire range of the instrument has been covered.

What is a gat?
Gat, is synonym to a composition, a piece of the instrumental performance accompanied by the tabla. It is a brief composition followed by improvisations, set within a specific rhythmic cycle (taal). The composition recurs as a theme interspersed with improvisations. Improvisatory passages are called taans. A gat may conclude at the same tempo in which it began, or may increase in speed to a fast climatic ending. Gats may be played in slow, medium or fast tempo.

What is a jhala?
Jhala, is a term in Hindustani classical music which denotes the fast-paced exploration of notes and conclusions of classical compositions of a raga.

Special thanks to the Guru Smt. Deepal Chodhari for nurturing such wonderful talent.
Thank you for your support. Enjoy the concert!