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Holiday Concert - 2022 Brochure

Sequence of Performances
Aarushi and Maitreyi Mehta - Song
Aarushi is 9 years old, in the fourth grade, and has been learning Hindustani Classical music from Smt. Mitali Bhawmik since the last 3 years.

Maitreyi is 12 years old, in the seventh grade, and has been learning Hindustani Classical music from Smt. Mitali Bhawmik since the last 6 years.

Both sisters have been recently selected as part of the three winners in the prestigious Rising Stars 2022 event organized by the Indian Academy of Performing Arts (IAPA). 
Aarushi and Maitreyi will be accompanied on tabla by Shri Maulik Mehta, disciple of Pt. Samir Chatterjee. 
Ananya Roychoudhury - Dance
Ananya Roychowdhury is a 8th grader and is passionate about music and dance. She has been learning music from Smt. Mitali Bhawmik for 8 years. She has been learning Kathak under the guidance of Guru Rita Sharma ji for 9 years.

Saketh and Sameth Sitaram - Instrumental
Saketh Sitaram is a Sophomore pursuing an undergrad degree in Mathemics and Statistics. He is a passionate keyboard player and a vocalist and is part of many performing bands in New Jersey such as Rutgers Dhol Effect, Band NRI, Iyerish Cocktail and Art N Beat.

Sameth Sitaram is an 8th grader and is a passionate student of carnatic music. He has been learning Eastern and Western violin and has also been learning carnatic vocal music. He aspires to continue his musical journey as an violinist and a vocalist.
Raima Bhattacharyya - Song
Aishik Sen - Song
Aishik is a Senior in High School, extremely passionate about music. He has been learning Hindustani classical for 7 years now. A soloist at his school choir he is keen on playing different instruments as well.
Ayush and Rishabh Mukherjee - Instrumental
Ayush Mukherjee is a freshman at Rutgers University studying business. He has been playing piano since he was six and has performed in places like Carnegie Hall before. Other than playing the piano, he has composed and conducted music for his school orchestra. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games.

Rishabh Mukherjee is currently 14 years old and attends Franklin Middle School's Sampson G. Smith campus. He has been playing the cello for approximately four years. As the principal cellist for his school competition orchestra, he represented his school at Music in the Parks and won a second-place award. 
Shreyansh Singh - Song
Shreyansh is 9 years old and loves music. He has been learning Hindustani Classical from Smt. Mitali Bhawmik for the last 2 years. He also plays the piano and guitar.
Debodipta Ghosh - Dance
Sagar Deshpande and Vikram Mukherjee - Instrumental
Sagar is 14 years old and has been learning harmonium since the age of 6. For the first few years, Sagar took his harmonium training from Shri. Hemant Kulkarni and began his journey with Dr. Kedar Naphade since 2017. Apart from harmonium, Sagar pursues cello and is a cellist in Symphonic ensemble of Youth Orchestra of Central Jersey.

Vikram is an aspiring tabla player based out of Philadelphia, PA. Growing up in Central Pennsylvania, Vikram first began learning tabla under Shri John Protopapas. Vikram found advanced training and knowledge in the Farrukhabad Gharana from his current Guru, Pt. Samir Chaterjee, with whom he has taken on the Guru- Shishya Parampara. Vikram is grateful to his parents and his Guruji Pt. Samir Chatterjee for their unwavering support. 
Anaisha Kundu - Song
Anaisha is 11 years old.  She loves both western and Indian classical music. She has been learning from Mitali aunty for last 6 years. Aniasha  was selected for the NJ state honor choir from my school.  In her extra time she swims, dances, and reads books.
Aratrika Dey - 2 songs
Aratrika Dey is a senior at The College of New Jersey, studying as an English major with Creative Writing and Technical Writing minors. Her formal training began at the age of seven from Smt. Sukla Nag in Hindustani Classical vocal music. She is now under the tutelage of Smt. Mitali Banerjee Bhawmik in New Jersey, whom she has been learning Hindustani Classical from for the past eight years. Aratrika has participated and won several music contests, including receiving first place in the prestigious vocal competition, “SaReGaMaPa Li’l Champs, NA, 2015” by Zee TV. Aratrika has also recently released two original songs, “Durer Mathe” and “Phagun Dhele,” which can be found on streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music and more.

Shreyansh Singh - Guitar
Calai Chandra School of Bharatnatyam - Dance
Teacher: Ms. Calai Chandra
Richa Kadam
Kriti Iyer
Meghana Addanki
Jahnavi Rastogi 
Eshani Das - Instrumental
Eshani is 14 years old and is a Freshman in high school. She has been learning piano since the last 7+ years. Besides piano, Eshani loves to sing, and swim, and adores dogs. She likes to play classical music and Beethoven is her favorite composer. Besides classical music, Eshani also loves to play western contemporary songs and Indian movie songs. She recently completed the last grade for ABRSM – Grade 8 with distinction, and has played solo piano in Carnegie hall 10 times to date. She was the winner of the junior I Got Talent category for International Indian Icon in 2020. 
Krisha Bhatt - Song
Krisha is 13 years old and a passionate singer. She has been learning Hindustani classical and Bollywood music past 7 years.
Shankhadip Chakraborty - 2 songs
Shankhadip has been learning Hindustani classical vocal music from Smt Mitali Bhawmik for the past 13 years. He has performed in several venues including Sangeet Jagat Music Institute in New York in 2016, North American Bengali Conference as part of a Chhandayan organized program, Pandit Jasraj Institute of Music in 2018, and Chhandayan Center for Indian Music in 2019 to name a few. He graduated from Rutgers University in May 2022 and has been working full time ever since. 
Aratrika Dey and Shankhadip Chakraborty - Song
Nrityalina Center for Performing Arts - Dance
1. Hari Strotam (based on Lord Vishnu)
Sreela Manoj
Rucha Chavan
Sayantani Roy

2. Alayepayuthe Krishna ( based on Krishna)
Sreela Manoj
Rucha Chavan

3. Natesha Kautvam ( based on Lord Shiva)
Mehr Kothari
Aashna Bhagat

4. Angikam Bhuvanam( based on Lord Shiva )
Smira Ankam
Anika Bandhopadhay
Riyanshi Bhattacharya
Rudrani Deodhari Beni
Priyal Gandhi 
Somya Gondhiya
Sanaa Majumdar
Anushka Nikhil
Anika Vishwanath

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