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Tanjore art for beginners by Priya Satish

This collection includes
  • 1 introductory video 
  • 5 guided lesson videos 
  • Tanjore Painting design templates
  • Tanjore Painting Practice Design
  • List of Material used to make Tanjore painting
  • 2 Preview videos to give you a flavor of the class
  • Resources for reference
What will you learn?
  • History and origins 
  • Board preparation
  • Gesso Preparation
  • Embossing Techniques and Stone-work
  • Sticking Gold Foil
  • Painting and Outlining
Preview 2
Preview 1
The ‘Tanjore Painting Basics’ course is designed to give a basic introduction to create a Tanjore painting. The course is structured to illustrate the workflow including board preparation, gesso work, embossing techniques, stone work, painting and finishing touches. 

Materials needed:

  •  Waterproof plywood  | Customized to the design
  •  300gsm handmade paper  | According to the plywood size
  •  Sandpaper 
  •  Tanjore design for tracing | Printable designs used in the course are available for download
  •  Yellow carbon paper | Essential for tracing
  •  Fevicol/Glue
  •  Chalk powder (100g)   
  •  22 carat or 24 carat original gold foil booklet 
  •  Gem Stones – Round and Square in red and green colors | Any available stone shapes can be used
  •  Poster colors 
  •  2 Airtight steel boxes (1 medium, 1 small) and 6
  •  Round brushes  | Size 000, 00, 2 
  •  Solvent-based glass colors | Red and green
  •  Clean water 
  •  Toothpick or old/empty ballpoint pen refill 
  •  Knife cutter 
  •  Scissors   
  •  Stone cleaning tools   
  •  Clean soft cloth  
  •  Waste cloth 
All materials should be available on Amazon or your local arts & crafts stores.

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Title Duration
Introduction 4 Mins
Lesson 1- Board Preparation for the artwork 7 Mins
Lesson 2- Gesson Preparation 4 Mins
Lesson 3- Gesso and Stone work 8 Mins
Lesson 4- Gold work 9 Mins
Lesson 5- Final Painting 10 Mins

Priya Satish has been in the field of art for almost 20 years now. She began with pencil sketches and progressively improved her skills and trained in multiple fields including the globally popular One Stroke Painting, Mixed Media, Watercolor Painting, and also more traditional to the Indian roots such as Tanjore Painting, Kerala Mural, Madhubani, Kalamkari, Phad and Pattachitra to name a few.  She is the first Internationally certified One Stroke instructor from India, a Fevicryl Specialist since 2017 and has represented various art brands such as Canvas Corp Brand, Craft Treat, Itsy Bitsy through their design teams.
Know more about Priya in this Heart 2 Heart conversation in which she shares her journey as an artist.

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