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Cheriyal art for Beginners by Priyanka Mishra

This course includes
  • Introduction to Cheriyal Nakashi paintings 
  • How to draw house in Cheriyal style 
  • How to draw different objects 
  • How to draw different types of birds 
  • How to draw different types of animals 
What will you learn?
  • The origin and history of Cheriyal Nakashi paintings. 
  • Fundamental Cheriyal patterns- borders, designs, animals, birds etc.
  • Colors and basic of Cheriyal Nakashi paintings 
  • Mythical and cultural aspects of Cheriyal painting 
Preview 2
Preview 1
 Cheriyal paintings are a modified version of the Nakashi art, distinctive to the Cheriyal village of Warangal district in Telangana. These scroll paintings, very much preserve the Indian art and represent a quintessential part of the cultural backdrop of Telangana. The artists use these narrative painting to convey stories from mythology and folklore by sketching character in panels or scrolls.

Supplies needed
  •  Acrylic Colors – Black, White, Sap green, Lemon yellow, Medium yellow, Red, Burnt sienna, ultramarine blue 
  • Round brush number – 8, 6, 2, 0, 000 
  • Flat brush number – 4,6 
  • Black gel pen (water proof), Fine liners pen 
  • Basic stationery – Pencil, Eraser, sharpener, Ruler 
  • A4 size cartridge paper/ acrylic friendly papers 
  • 10 to 15 Xerox paper 

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Title Duration
Introduction 8 Mins
Lesson 1 - How to make Birds 27 Mins
Lesson 2 - How to make Plants and Trees 19 Mins
Lesson 3 - How to make Animals 27 Mins
Lesson 4 - How to make Houses 7 Mins
Lesson 5 - How to make "Palaki" 5 Mins

 I am Priyanka Mishra a folk artist in both art, painting and dance, a youtuber and a home maker. Art is always been my passion and now I am following my passion and educating people in different beautiful folk art and painting and also our folk dance of Sambalpur.
To learn amore about Priyanka, listen to her interview on Vibrnz.
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