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Our Story
Vibrnz is a result of our personal experiences as parents, event organizers and avid art enthusiasts.

As parents

Like a lot of other parents - we spent countless hours to help our kids develop creative skills. We went through a long struggle to find a school and a teacher that fit our criteria to bring out the best in our kids. Finally, it was through word of mouth that we found the right guidance. Unlike their regular school, it was difficult for them to stay motivated as the student teacher interaction was limited to 30 minutes per week for a skill that needs constant monitoring and practice.

Like any other subject, it has taken several years of learning, hard work and most importantly her passion that has kept our daughter driven and today she can confidently present herself in front of an audience and is able make a difference in the community through her talent.

Some questions that were left unanswered over the years……

As event organizers

We organize concerts and fund-raisers that showcase local talent in music and art as well as serve a social purpose. It has been great bringing together professional artists from diverse backgrounds and creating pleasurable experiences for the audience! It has also proved to be a springboard for amateur artists who are always looking for opportunities to display their creative talent.

However, as we organize various events, the challenges that we face make us wonder

Personal challenges coupled with thoughts and concerns shared by teachers and artists inspired us to build Vibrnz – a community exclusively focused on creative arts that addresses multiple needs of both providers and consumers in the space.

You can get a glimpse of our past productions on our face book page. We had the privilege to showcase diverse local talent including musicians, visual artists, dancers and students. Please visit our Facebook page

Mrinalini (Mini) Ayachit, Founder
  • Passionate about music and art
  • Enjoys stock investing
  • Enthusiastic about organizing community events
  • Inspired by visionaries - the list is endless
  • Loves to inspire creative talent
  • Admires how technology has changed lifestyles
  • Hobbies- Ping pong, singing and travelling
  • All time favorites- family and friends
Krishna Kamaraju (KK), Co-Founder
  • Passionate about technology in business
  • Enjoys logic where it seems impossible
  • Enthusiastic about the fusion of math and art
  • Inspired by innovation
  • Loves to be optimistic
  • Admires self starters
  • Hobbies- Painting - oil and acrylic, reading, golf
  • All time favorites - cricket and philosophy

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