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As they say, you can take a Bengali out of Bengal but not Bengal out of a Bengali!

Left alone in this distant land a group of Bengalis from our very own motherland joined hands to celebrate the advent of Goddess Durga with lot of pomp and grandiosity. The occasion is to remember and celebrate Her and Her kids similar to how a daughter is welcomed back at her parent's house.  Since no celebrations is complete without many hands and will, similarly Our Durga Puja is not complete without people like you. So come and join us in this rhythm of joy and happiness.

We launched for the first time ever in New Jersey TRINAYANI DURGA PUJA in 2022.

Check out some precious moments captued from our debut event!

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The Idol or the so called ‘Protima’ is more than just a Goddess to a Bengali resembling as a symbol of power, enigma, culture and heritage. Bengalis in every corner of the world are known for their art and culture, where Durga Puja being a perfect exemplary of that. The five days of celebration not only signifies festivity but a time where a person takes moments away from work devoting to family and friends, a time to unwind one’s troubles and rejoice in happiness, a time of hope and prosperity, a time for giving and sharing and more then ever restoring peace and tranquility. Keeping all these moments special and memorable, Trinayani came up with this unique idea of making its first ever in-house idol. The journey of this ideation emerged from few of our Trinayani members collaborating together and creating this spectacular form of art. They decided to give this idea an image which was inspired by Jamini Roy style of art.  Following the footsteps of this art form an idea led to creativity. A chain reaction was instigated and within few months a team of creative people joined hands to make it a reality. It took three and half months to make this idol with every resources that was available. Many helped in assembling the Protima with wooden frames that gave the idol a grandiose look. With all the lights, costumes, designs, paints and dazzle, slowly 'Devi' (Protima) came to life.

As the days neared to the celebrations, more and more people volunteering in this endeavor became an integral part of this team. Trinayani slowly took its shape in this process of making the idol and connecting everyone with new strings. It was a glimpse of our connection, how we all were brought up in our native land. Within a few months every member of the group transformed from a dreamer to a believer and made everyone believe the same: “Where Festivity Meets Cultural Needs”.



    NEWS FLASH: Winning third place among 25 durga pujas in the year 2022.   

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Trinayani is a voluntary initiative and is registered as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. Your support is very important for us to grow and acheive our mission. Please consider donating to Trinayani. Donations can be made anytime by clicking on the DONATE button below. You can reach out to trinayaninj2022@gmail.com for questions or inquiries.


                                                                      "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give ''.

This thought provoking quote by Winston Churchill defines and inspiries "Trinayani”, a non-profit organization based out of Central Jersey that was launched in October 2022 by a few enthusiastic families. Trinayani believes that every individual should try to make the world a better place to live for the community than what they had inherited. To achieve this objective, Trinayani is committed to give back to the community by getting involved in many philanthropic activities in and around Central and Southern New Jersey. Some of the events planned in a calendar year include toy drive, food drive and other related initiatives geared towards caring for people in need regardless of their nationality, race, religious beliefs and castes.  

Along with philanthropic activities,Trinayani is also committed to creating an environment filled with traditions,culture,art,music,literature and community wellbeing. Trinayani shall organize various religious,cultural and social activities pertaining to the South Asian and Indian cultures and traditions throughout the year. By doing so Trinayani vouches to offer a salubrious ambience and a forum for nurturing friendship among the members. The plethora of cultural and religious events that Trinayani plans to organize throughout the year is geared towards unveiling prodigious talent within the community and sublime skills of the members and their kids. Trinayani will strive towards fostering a healthy and vibrant community through its activities. Trinayani members look forward to growing the organization to serve the larger community within and outside the USA and being recognized as a pioneer for community welfare.

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Your support and suggestions matter. Please reach out to us if you would like to volunteer or suggest any ideas to make Trinayani successful. You can reach out to us at trinayaninj2022@gmail.com