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Dakshini Annual Membership
Dakshini is a non-profit, literary, social, cultural, educational, and charitable organization in Southern California ranging from the Valley to LA to OC and beyond.  We serve the community and the youth through various programs like Milestone Project, Academy of Arts & Cultural Exchange, JOY and various Cultural Outreach programs. Being a member not only gives you a sense of belonging and ownership, but your support also helps us continue our services.

  • Milestone Program for Youth
  • JOY Program participation opportunity for Senior members
  • AACE program and other cultural events for local talents
  • Annual Picnic
  • Annual Festivals (Durga Puja , Lakshmi Puja, Saraswati Puja) 
  • Winter Solstice Party
  • Free Advertisement in our souvenir for gold members and up
  • Preferred seating in Durga Puja during Overseas star event and all Special Events conducted by Dakshini
  • Your membership fee is Tax Deductible  (EIN: 33-0313523)
We welcome all people from Southern California and beyond to be part of this growing organization and become our valued member.
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Super Grand Plus US$ 10,000.00
Term: 1 Year (s)
Member limit: 6
Super Grand US$ 7,500.00
Term: 1 Year (s)
Member limit: 6
Grand US$ 5,000.00
Term: 1 Year (s)
Member limit: 4
Platinum Plus US$ 3,500.00
Term: 1 Year (s)
Member limit: 4
Platinum US$ 2,500.00
Term: 1 Year (s)
Member limit: 4
Diamond US$ 1,500.00
Term: 1 Year (s)
Member limit: 4

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION (Please read carefully):

  • After your membership is paid, you will still have to COMPLETE THE EVENT REGISTRATION WITH YOUR HOUSEHOLD VIBRNZ MEMBERSHIP ID (to select your seats for Concerts during Durgotsav) by booking tickets for each of the three (3) Events this year (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).  

  • All Durgotsav Events and other Annual events will be included in your Membership Benefits as mentioned in the benefits package.    

  • The Membership payment will be processed on the next page and you will receive a confirmation email with Vibrnz Membership ID.  If you are paying by Offline Payment mode (checks, Zelle and Paypal), you will receive an email for your interest in Membership and further instructions to send the payment. Once the payment has been verified you will receive your confirmation email along with Vibrnz Membership ID.


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