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Students and Hobby artists

Customize your search for teachers , resources and opportunities based on your criteria. Schedule and book services in a few clicks.
Find and book lessons, venues, recording studios and services like piano tuning, practice buddy etc.
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Create a profile with a timeline of your achievements. Build a detailed bio that highlights your talent and creativity.
Share it with event organizers, college applications, competitions or to get discovered by talent seekers. Get kudos on your profile!
Attention Senior Students! Become a mentor or practice buddy and earn money!
Tutor, mentor younger students or become a practice buddy. Sell multiple services that utilize your creative skillsets
Explore opportunities
Find opportunities in music, dance and other forms of art. Customize your search for scholarships, competitions, awards.
Connect, chat and collaborate
Connect with your peers, mentors and others with similar interests. Message one on one or in groups without the need to use multiple messaging platforms. Collaborate for gigs or projects.

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