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Battle of the best in music and dance

Registration form

Participant name
Participant email

Parent name (Required for age groups under 18 years)
Parent email (Required for age groups under 18 years)

Phone number

Teacher and school name (If applicable)


Registration fees :
Solo : $20 per participant per category .
Group (Music only) : $15 per group member (Group registration is not complete until all group members have paid)

Group registration (Music only) :
Each member has to register seperately and make payment.
Make sure, the same exact group name is provided by each member in the registration form.
Add the exact number of group members.
Talent Sub-Category

Talent level

Image upload (Min 1 Image , Max 3 Images)

Group name

No of group members

By clicking on “submit registration”, you agree to the terms and conditions of the event. Your registration is not complete until you pay the registration fees. Click on the submit button and move to the next page to make the payment.

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